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US1 Server Stats

There were 22 Non-league, 0 League and 0 Tourneys for a total of 22 Games Today

Darts Connect Remote League Dates

Signup Dates

Mar. 4th - Mar 15th (Closed)
June 4th - June 14th (Closed)
Sept. 18th - 27th (Closed)
Jan. 2nd - Jan. 11th (Closed)
Apr. 2nd - Apr. 11th (Closed)
July 2nd - July 6th (Cancelled)
Sep. 25th - Oct. 3rd (Closed)


2017 Spring Session - Completed
2017 Summer Session - Completed
2017 Fall Session - Completed
2018 Winter Session - Completed
2018 Spring Session - Completed
2018 Summer Session - Cancelled
2018 Fall Session - Completed

Season Dates

Mar 19th - June 4th (Closed)
June 18th - Sep 3rd (Closed)
Oct 1st - Dec 10th (Closed)
Jan. 15th. - Mar 31st (Closed)
Apr. 15th - Jun. 30th (Closed)
July 8th - Sep. 27th (Cancelled)
Oct. 7th - Dec. 22nd (Closed)

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